Children's Education - Whose Job is It?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012
For the past three decades a battle has been growing in the USA that is taking its toll on children of all ages. Interestingly enough this battle is not against an incurable disease or sickness. It can not be stopped by governmental bureaucrats, nor can it be fought with conventional military weaponry. Even though the USA is the most powerful country in the world, has some of the greatest minds on earth and most of the world wealthiest people, this battle grows more intense and continues to disable many children. The battle that I am talking about is called illiteracy.

Today parents have been given various options when it comes to the education of their children. The four major choices are Public School, Private School, Cyber School and Home School. However, Private Schools and Home School require "out-of-pocket" funding from parents and Home School and Cyber School require a parent to stay-at-home. For most American families these three sources of education are not an option, their only option is Public School. Unfortunately it is the public school system where illiteracy runs rampant.
On February 25, 2008, ABC World News story entitled, Living in the Shadows: Illiteracy in America, reported that "7 million Americans are illiterate, 27 million are unable to read well enough to complete a job application and 30 million can't read a simple sentence." These are adult American's who at one time were children in the Public School system. So, what can be done to stop the avalanche of illiteracy in the USA?

The first thing we must do as a nation is stop putting hundreds of millions of dollars in to a public school system that is broken. Somehow we have adopted the mindset that throwing money at it will solve the problem. Who in their right mind would continue to put more money into an automobile that never seems to work right or run properly, no one would because we call them "Lemons?" Well, it's time to stop throwing money at the Public School "Lemon" and fix it!

Next parents must get involved with their local school districts. The lack of involvement by parents allows a small minority of so called educators to set the standard of what they think is best for our children. Hey, it's not working! Parents, please help your children by getting involved in your local school district!

The most important and most effective way to turn illiteracy around is parents must take the responsibility for training their children, especially from infancy to 6 years of age. Research reveals that a child's brain development is most affected from infancy - 6 years of age. There is nothing more powerful than the relationship between a parent and child and parenting is the most natural way to develop your child.

Children learn naturally through play and parents do not need to be educators to have a positive impact on their child's developmental skills, just a loving desire to interact with them is all that it takes. So who are the one's to take the lead in the education of America's children? You guessed it, parents!

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