Are We Involved in Our Children's Education?

Monday, 1 October 2012
Recent studies have shown that parents that are more involved in their child's education as well as activities make a positive impact in their lives. This is reflected in the kids' grades, school attendance, attitude and behavior. Of course 'there is always an exception to every rule' but overall parents' involvement result in a happier, healthier and well-adjusted child.

How can we be more involved? With today's busy schedule between home, work and school, this seems like a no-answer question. However, with careful planning and dedication, we can make a positive experience for ourselves and our kids. We can take time to volunteer at school, my kids love to see me at their school helping out. Or be a great supporter of the sports they play. A lot of my friends who hold jobs don't miss a game their kids go to, bringing snacks and their happy faces to cheer them up! Or maybe you want to help in the community or run a marathon, no matter what it is, kids will always be proud of their parents involvement.
But what about at home? We should show our kids that our homes are an involved and active supporter of their learning. I created a private study area where they can concentrate and not been interrupted. Do they need help with homework? I'm there, even though I may not know everything they may be learning at school at any given time; but hey I just browse the web really quick, get updated and pretend I know it all... I even sometimes check the homework once is posted in the school website before given it to them so I'm ready. Any other day while I'm cooking or washing the dishes I will invite my kids to watch me or better yet help me and take that time to ask them about school, their friends and what they learned that day. When they have school projects I'm always available to help and we do it together. Also building a communication bridge with the teachers is very important. I want to know how they are doing and open for suggestions on how I can be of help. It is nice to always be there to encourage and support your child.

I personally try to balance my life every single day, it is funny how sometimes they ask me "Mom, how can you do everything, don't you get tired?" And yes, some days (actually most days) I go to bed late and wake up early, but it's worthy because at the end of the day I feel I am part of my kids' life and I know I'm making a difference!